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Şahin Sucukları

About Us

""Since 1923, your palatal delight is our delight, your health is our health."

Our pastrami and soujouk production, which is from grandfather to grandson since 1923, has been continuing with the company name of Şahin – Melek Et ve Et Mamülleri Gıda A.Ş since March 2004 (which was Melek Et ve Et Mamülleri Gıda A.Ş since 2002) as localized at Kayseri Karpuzatan.

Our company has a closed area of 4,500 sqm and an open area of 15,000 sqm. Its production capacity is 50 Tonnes per day. With its 150 staffs and approximately 100 product types, it aims to reach the highest levels its services, which provided to meat sector across the country. And also aims to cater to the tastes of its consumers in the best way.

Our quality assurance system is ISO and HACCP Standards. With our quality approach based on our customers’ satisfaction; meeting their demands and needs in a timely, protecting the consumer health by producing according to the terms of legislation and producing in maximum quality with the principle of continuous improvement is our fundamental principle. All our work units are sensitive to environmental studies and they are respectful to the natural balance.

Şahin – Melek Et ve Et Mamülleri, which has brought to the position that its products and brands are sought in Turkey Market using the most advanced technology and resources effectively without compromising the quality of the product or production in hygienic conditions, keeps always its vision widely In order to provide better service to its customers.

Şahin – Melek Et ve Et Mamülleri Gıda A.Ş’s employees, who are aware of the critical impact of our products on human health, also works for the formation of that awareness of our suppliers and customers.

We,as Şahin – Melek Et ve Et Mamülleri Gıda A.Ş, have always given a particular importance to the health of our consumers and their palatal delight and we have never compromised on our principle “Inconsumable products for ourselves are not sold to customer”.